How to Get a Valentine – You Will Never Be Alone Again on the Most Romantic Day of the Year


Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Josephine Baranski, Online Staff Writer

As Valentine’s Day festivities conclude, romantics in happy relationships finish their boxes of chocolates, throw out their dead supermarket flowers, and place their red and pink Hallmark cards nicely on the nightstand. Those who aren’t so lucky are left with a broken heart and the embarrassing memories of eating chocolate and ice cream alone on the sofa, watching a Julia Roberts rom-com. Of course, there is nothing wrong with spending Valentine’s Day alone or using the famous phrase, “I’m taking some time to work on myself,” or “My friends are my Valentines,” or “I’m completely happy by myself,” but there’s also nothing wrong with wanting a little romance. With Valentine’s just passed, reminding everyone of their relationship status, or lack thereof, now is the perfect time to start constructing a plan for yourself to find a Valentine for next year. Of course, you can never be too prepared. Luckily, you have come to the right place, for this article will reveal a simple plan to win the guy or girl of your dreams. 

First and foremost, one must find themselves an eligible suitor- that’s why the process starts a year in advance. You should find a person who is kind, caring, funny, compatible with your personality, and, naturally, there must be chemistry. Folks, research is key, so start talking to people at school, talk to people in the lunchline, ask to sit at a different table, have an awkward conversation through the plexiglass, and accept those who’ve added you on Snapchat a few months ago. Who knows! True love arrives in the most peculiar forms. Next, get a notebook, create a spreadsheet of all the people you are interested in, weigh the pros and cons for each person, and decide on your top three. Then, you can start talking with them, getting to know them better, and forming a deeper connection. Ask yourself who makes the sparks fly, and that’s your guy.  Now comes the more daunting task: to show up every day with the confidence and poise of a Greek God. Dress like a fashion icon – actually, make the fashion icons jealous. Play hard to get; be flirtatious, and make it be known that you are on the market. You have always been outstanding and beautiful, but it’s time they notice it. Thirdly, you will borrow a page of Cher’s from “Clueless.” Once February rolls around, send yourself flowers, chocolates, cards, etc. Even if they are not in your classes, they will hear about your secret admirer; the whole school will be talking about you. Trust the process. By now they will become overcome with jealousy and accost you in the hallway. At first, act like you have no clue to what they are referring to, but as the conversation progresses, make it clear, “It’s been you, it’s always been you.” Then, conveniently, Valentine’s Day is approaching and you have a date. Congratulations! The plan succeeded. 

While one should completely trust this foolproof plan to win their crush’s heart in time for Valentine’s Day, it does not have to be so complicated. As the saying goes, confidence is key; just believe in yourself. Whoever you are, you can always just ask your crush on a date. If they say no, remember–rejection is an important part of life. Sometimes, the only thing getting in between you and your happiness is yourself. So next time Valentine’s Day rolls around and you catch yourself feeling sad, remember: you always have the ability to change your future by taking the first step.