Yearbook needs your help!

Emma Ozdogan, Online Arts Editor

The yearbook club, LINK, needs the PDS community’s help! Just as for everyone else, this year has been particularly daunting for the club. With fewer staff members and late access to the book template, they have a lot of work to do with less time and people to do it. 

Due to social distancing rules and online learning, the club has hardly any candids of students in school, fewer action shots of athletes, and limited community events to cover. Thus, the club needs all the cooperation they can get from both PDS students and faculty. Some of the most important things the community can do to support the club include but are not limited to, responding to club members’ emails that ask for quotes or photos, sending in photos of teachers and students in school as well as during athletic events, and suggesting topics to cover in the yearbook.

Despite the many challenges faced, these unique circumstances have a silver lining that has allowed the club to explore parts of the community like never before. Due to the cancellation of last year’s spring athletic season and this year’s modified program, as well as other various topics that can no longer be covered, there are many unassigned pages in the yearbook. This has allowed for the coverage of more unique topics, from serious spreads related to COVID-19 to more lighthearted ones such as students’ Instagram pages which feature their passions and hobbies. 

Overall, junior and club member Mehak Dhaliwal puts it best: “Yearbook is a great way for everyone to keep up with what the rest of the school has been doing, especially during COVID-19 when half of us are virtual/half in-person. Responding when the yearbook club reaches out helps us to make this year’s yearbook as connected and real as possible!”