PDS Arts Department Update


(Artwork/Yvonne Wang’22)

Jenna Galla, Online Staff Writer

Although the past several months have been unprecedented and many classes have both remote and in-person students, the Arts Department teachers have been able to conduct business as usual.


Due to the unexpected closure of school last spring, many teachers were forced to adapt and change their plans for the remainder of the school year. During this time, Architecture students were in the midst of a project, but due to COVID-19, it was cut short. Recently, Architecture students resumed their projects, just after completing their study and final model of the Wagner house. Earlier this year, students finalized the exterior, as well as built the interior. Currently, students are studying the Mackay-Lyons Sweetapple firm’s work, more specifically, the mirror point cottage in Nova Scotia. By way of using plans and pictures, as well as focusing on vernacular architecture and local inspiration, each student will choose their own house to study and eventually build a model of the house they have chosen.  


At present, advanced ceramics students are constructing birdhouses. These are not just generic birdhouses, however; students are constructing the houses based on their own designs and sketches. Each design and sketch is based on the building style and structures of a famous architect of their choosing. 

Fine Art:

Students majoring in Fine Art have just completed their themed collages project. Each student created four or more collages, all while taking a new, creative approach. Students then collaborated in groups, sharing what they liked from each collage and areas that could have been improved. To complete the project, each student chose one of their collages to paint on canvas. 

Furniture Design:

Currently, Furniture Design students are building furniture that includes a hand-cut joint, whose purpose is to join pieces of wood. There are numerous types of hand-cut joints, which include, but are not limited to, dovetail joints, dowelled joints, and rabbeted joints. In addition to this current project, students continue to work on pieces they were unable to complete last year.


In the Photo Book class, students are creating photo books. Students are creating three different books: french fold style, three signature style, and one of their choosing. The process entails each photographer shooting images, creating mock versions, final versions, and then binding each book. This week, there is an arrangement to have a guest photographer visit and host a workshop. Some classes are also working on digitally shooting and sequencing images.  



Nora Appleby ‘23

Caroline Ewing ‘22

Charlotte Lezny ‘23

Lily Matthews ‘23

Mackenzie Mazzarisi ‘21

Haley Schragger ‘23

Paris Smith ‘23