Take a Shot: How to Get Vaccinated Against COVID-19


(Artwork/Ava Fong’23)

Navaneeth Rajan, Online Features Editor

It’s been over a month since Pfizer’s vaccine has been released for general public use, but the pandemic is still going on, and the majority of people haven’t been vaccinated yet. Which begs the question– why?

The COVID-19 vaccine is in high demand, and that’s no surprise. With over a million worldwide deaths and over 150,000 active cases in the USA, the need for the vaccine is much higher than the supply. As a result, the groups at the highest risk, frontline workers, healthcare professionals, and citizens over the age of 65, are all priority demographics to get vaccinated. That’s not to say that only those people can be vaccinated right now, simply that they take precedence. Take, for instance, Head of School Paul Stellato, who, among others in the school community, has already received the first of two doses of the vaccine.

So how do you get vaccinated? Well, if you’re under 16, you can’t. The vaccine is only available for those 16 or older right now, and while it’s in the process of being authorized for those older than 12, it’s still a ways away. For seniors and juniors, though, the process is pretty simple. Just pre-register at https://covidvaccine.nj.gov and wait. With the state intending to vaccinate 70% of all adults within the next 5 months, Mr. Stellato has stated his hopes for all teachers to be vaccinated for the fall of next year. And while a global health crisis obviously leaves no guarantees, with vaccination rates on the rise and case numbers dropping, it seems likely PDS will reopen at normal capacity for the 2021-2022 school year.

As the pandemic seems to be in its final stages, there’s often an incentive for many to loosen up on coronavirus regulations. But COVID-19 isn’t gone. People are still dying. So, until health organizations like the WHO declare the pandemic over, keep wearing a mask and continue to socially distance. This is no time to slack off.