Do Not Travel Over the Holidays!

Benjamin Masia, Online Staff Writer

Before March 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States, it might have been hard for some of us to imagine a holiday season with no travel or visiting family. But, in the current time we are living in, it has become a reality. Winter break is fast approaching, and one question has stayed in our minds throughout the year: what are we going to do? 

Many of us in the past have looked forward to our long break, and made traveling a priority in our minds; something we must do. Personally, traveling is my favorite thing to do because it allows me to spend time with my family and have some time to relax. But now, our priorities and responsibilities have changed. Our main goal right now should be to stay safe and to not contract COVID-19. According to a CDC study, the possibility of contracting and spreading the coronavirus is increased by traveling. The CDC also states that “Postponing travel and staying home is the best way to protect yourself and others from COVID-19.” That says it all.

Although this is a stressful time, I think that it is important for everybody to have their priorities in order, and for everybody to put safety first to protect our community. Yes, this pandemic has put a stop on all of our lives. And yes, no one has it easy right now. So, theoretically, taking a vacation would be a great way to relieve all of this stress. But that is not what is important right now. Throughout the past eight months, we have found new and innovative ways to connect with our friends and family, and to “take a break” from the stress in the world around us. 

We, as such a dynamic community, can certainly find better alternatives than relieving our stress by putting others at risk. Whether it be through playing a game with your family, or facetime friends, this time can be fun for all of us. Watch a movie! Recently on schoology, a survey was posted by student life about our favorite holiday movies, and 241 people all had a favorite. So, take some time to refresh and relax, and do something that you enjoy rather than traveling. Soon, when a vaccine is developed, and when the world is back to normal, we can do all the things we enjoy. So, let’s get our world back to that state, and do that by doing our part to keep everyone safe. 

According to three freshmen, Izzy Cook, Arjun Ray, and Soumya Bathla, “the most important things are health and happiness.” I am in complete agreement with them, and I think many other individuals in our community feel the exact same way.  Therefore, let’s do all we can to make both function well together and ensure everyone is happy and healthy, by doing all we can to promote well-being in our lives and those of others. I know we, as a community can do this, so I encourage you to make the right decision, and to prioritize safety.