Here’s How We Reacted to Our Spotify Wrapped Results

Divya Sharma, Online Opinions Editor

December marks the start of many events, from holidays to school breaks, as we all collectively prepare for the New Year, and one of the significant of these is the release of the Spotify Wrapped series. For those doomed to a life without Spotify, Spotify Wrapped is a yearly tradition for the music company, which lets its users see their music history and data from the entire past year. Spotify Wrapped will show people their top artists, songs, genres and even minutes listened from the entire year through data collected. It has gained much popularity after many users have begun putting their charts on social media for people to view. Many have been eagerly anticipating these results since they came out last year. For instance, junior Neha Kalra explained that she was not at all surprised by her Spotify Wrapped and junior Joe Lippman stated that he felt that his Spotify Wrapped actually showed his personality in music. 

There have, however, been many claims that Spotify Wrapped is not entirely accurate or was surprising in some of the top songs or artists it displayed, as those results may not represent the music that users have listened to throughout the year. For example, sophomore Satviki Vasireddy stated “I was kinda surprised by my top songs but not my top artists.” Another student stated, “At first, I felt that my Spotify Wrapped was inaccurate as I did not listen to the artists that were on top of the list at the end of the year much. But I realized that the charts were created based on the music data that I listened to from January to now, so then it made sense.” 

At the end of the day, whether the Spotify Wrapped was accurate or not, this experience did bring some fun and positivity to Spotify users during these tough times.