Here’s How You Can Vote for President



Elaine Wu, Online Staff Writer

Every four years, our nation is offered a choice in order to determine its future. This year is no different, but there is much more at stake with the ever-present threat of a pandemic and America is vastly different than four years prior. The choice is seemingly simple: Trump or Biden? However, as politics reach a boiling point, it has become increasingly evident that making such a decision is not as straightforward as it seems. Millions of Americans are casting in their votes in order to decide the fate of our country.

Although the majority of the student body is unable to vote, many of us are politically involved, actively follow the news, and definitely would vote if given the chance. And, as a result, PDS has decided to grant us that opportunity; the student council is planning to host mock presidential elections, where anyone in the Upper School is eligible (and encouraged!) to vote. Though voting in this election obviously won’t count toward the real presidential election, it is an effective way to see the PDS community’s beliefs on various issues and to open a dialogue about the political tensions that have been building over the past four years. The elections will likely take place on an anonymous Google Form so that even remote students can participate.

Student council also intends to create an informed electorate by educating voters through various methods. “Our overarching goal,” stated senior Alex Hollander, “is to take the names out of the election and focus strictly on the facts and ideas that each candidate has to offer.” In order to achieve this, Council is making infographics that highlight main points “to properly inform students about each candidate’s most notable plans.” In addition, student council may even stage debates with these ideals in mind if they have time, in order to flesh out the most significant topics. In the meantime, they intend to stay as unbiased as possible when presenting these facts. Since elections are only every four years, the current student council has never done anything like this before and, as Hollander explained, “we are continuing to figure it out as we go!”

Since New Jersey is a left-leaning state, Biden is expected to win the mock elections. But, to what degree? Will student opinions change after learning the viewpoints of each candidate? Only time will tell. So, remember to vote in the mock elections when the time comes. And if you can vote in real life, then definitely do so, since every voice matters!