PDS Welcomes New Faces to its Faculty


All new teachers pose before the start of the 2020-2021 school year. (Photo/Princeton Day School)

Brendan Chia, Online Sports Editor

As many PDS students and faculty return to campus and attend online classes, PDS welcomes new faces to the community. Unfortunately, a number of new students will not be able to attend school in person and will instead tune in virtually through the Zoom online platform. All 22 of the incoming faculty members will teach both in-person and through a Zoom platform set up in each classroom. 

The new teachers spent the summer learning about the new safety protocols in response to COVID-19, and they are excited to join the PDS community, no matter the circumstances. In the words of Upper School Math teacher Brent Ferguson, “Coming to PDS this fall, I’m struck by how welcoming the other faculty are and how curious and engaged the students seem to be, even after only these two first classes! I am eager to see how the year plays out in terms of our creativity, as we lean into the awkwardness of a pandemic-fraught school year. That said, I can tell we are collectively up to the challenge.” 

PDS students are excited not only to see teachers but to also engage in learning with the new members of the PDS faculty. An anonymous student commented, “Only after a few classes with Mr. Ferguson, I already enjoy his unique style for teaching math.” Each year, students hear countless wonderful things about returning teachers, and new teachers always find creative ways to bring something new to the community. 

Even in hard times, the PDS community has maintained its friendly nature. While some may not even notice this, as we are so accustomed to this behavior, Upper School History teacher Michael Kideckel noted, “Coming into PDS has been great so far. The community has welcomed me, and it’s clear to see how much warmth there is here even in these strange times. I’m looking forward to figuring out a new normal for this year, and to get to meet more of my colleagues and students (in masks or on Zoom).” 

PDS is extremely lucky to be able to welcome so many wonderful and unique new students and faculty this year, whether that be in person or via Zoom. Many students and parents worry that the pandemic may affect the PDS education quality, but with the help of the new faculty and protocols, PDS is ready to take on the challenge.