Here’s What Summer Online Looked Like for Students


A student types on their laptop outside. (Photo/Stanley Dai/Unsplash)

Aaron Phogat, Online News Editor

As the PDS community trails back into school, either in person or through Zoom, and experience the regular day-to-day of 70 minute classes and piles of homework, many think back to what might have been one of the strangest summers the Day School students have ever experienced. Despite the ever-lingering presence of COVID-19, though, many of us still found ways to make the summer fun, both virtually and in-person. 

As expected with college applications looming over me, I personally spent quite a bit of time writing and perfecting my essays. In addition, I engaged in the virtual realm of life through a summer internship with a pain management doctor in my area and by working as a mathematics instructor. Even while avoiding the virus, I was still able to have a lot of fun. I spent a lot of time training my dog, hanging out with friends, and playing Warzone, very often making full use of my license by going on scenic drives. 

Senior Brendan Chia maximized his productivity as well. He took an online pathogens course with Dr. Bethoney and Mr. Cara and took a virtual Georgetown Medical Academy course. He was also able to spend a lot of time focusing on his own wellbeing by working out, running, biking, swimming and visiting Nantucket. Additionally, he made a positive impact in his community by creating face shields for the PPE task force. 

Though junior Andrew Marshall was partially deterred by COVID-19, he still got the chance to play plenty of tennis and train for his junior season. He helped his sister move into her apartment in Boston for college and played video games. Maybe even more importantly though, he (thankfully) did his summer reading. 

Senior Jamie Granato learned to drive and got his license as well. He toured several colleges, helping compile his list of where he would like to apply. In addition, he stayed in touch with his family and friends, mainly by seeing them over Zoom calls. 

Upper School French Department Chair Madame Farhat’s summer plans were quite disturbed by the pandemic, but she did her best to do similar activities in more virus-safe ways. During any other normal summer, she would have been hiking in the Pyrenées and walking the streets of Paris. This summer, she still found ways to be active outside by exploring the nature and woods around Princeton, specifically Mountain Lakes. 

Although this summer wasn’t exactly what we hoped it would be, many members of the PDS community found ways to make the most of it and we can still look forward to next summer.