Can Athletes Handle the Pressure?


(Drawing/Madeline Chia)

Milan Patel, Staff Writer

The sports world is intriguing for young athletes, some of whom play more than one sport. Many of these athletes compete against one another to become top-tier competitors in their age group. To accomplish this feat, young athletes undergo physical training that pushes them to their limits. How much is too much? Is there a limit to what a young athlete can take with all of their responsibilities, ranging from hardcore training to academic work? Does a young athlete need more help to get by with their responsibilities? 

Two young athletes, freshmen Harrison Bernardi and Will Brown, pointed out that sports are not something they are forced to do, but rather something that they enjoy being a part of. Bernardi said, “I am currently playing lacrosse and hockey, but I plan on taking on a third sport during the fall season. I am usually not under too much stress unless I have more than two tests in one week.” Bernardi is on top of things during his winter and spring sports, but sometimes he may need to work a little bit more to give his full effort on something. He also explained how his work load can become more difficult after a long practice, as he feels fatigued following a hard workout. However, Bernardi says he manages his time wisely and still ends up having time on the weekend for some leisure. This could mean playing video games, reading, or even running for the extra workout, but it is a choice that he has ultimately earned.

Brown had a similar viewpoint, as he stated, “I don’t think it’s too much to handle, as long as you’re taking advantage of your free time, I think it is fine.” Brown brings up a good point about free time. As long as they’re managing their time wisely, there will not be any problems. Both of these athletes try to work themselves as hard on the field and ice as they do in the classroom. Clearly, with time management and trying their best, it is a breeze to take multiple sports and still do great in the classroom.