Remembering our Icons 


Mika Baumeister

(Photo/Mika Baumeister/Unsplash)

Nazareth Mehreteab, Features Editor

Over 300,000 people across the globe have died from the novel coronavirus. Among these people are many actors, creative artists, and other icons. This includes Star Wars movie actor Andrew Jack, and Floyd Cardoz, winner of “Top Chef Masters” in 2011. Jack was 76 years old when he passed away in March, and Cardoz was only 59. Italian actress Lucia Bose also recently passed away at age 89, as she suffered from a mix of pneumonia and COVID-19-related illness. Sophomore Genesis Rivera, noted, “ It’s shocking to see how no one’s safe from COVID-19. I do think we should’ve taken more precautions earlier on to prevent all of these casualties.” Adam Schlesinger, Grammy and Emmy award-winner and American singer-songwriter, also passed away on April 1st, he was only 52. Another American singer and guitarist, Alan Merril, passed away last March at age 69. Junior Tori Sullivan reflected on the death of these icons, by saying, “I think it’s tragic that they left behind friends, family, and fans alike so suddenly. [The fact] that they’ve led such fulfilling lives is bittersweet.” It is sorrowful to note that many icons have passed away very suddenly due to COVID-19 infection. This shows the significance of the rapidly increasing coronavirus cases across the world and its detrimental effects for many. Freshman Jai Kasera agreed, added that “It’s tragic how a virus that became prevalent only a few months ago has already claimed so many lives, including famous celebrities.” Although these celebrities are no longer with us, we should cherish the memories they brought their fans and followers. Throughout these celebrities’ lives, they have brought much joy by their special talents, including acting and cooking. There is no doubt that the legacy of each and every icon who has passed away will be carried on forever.