Should some states be reopening while others remain in lockdown? 


(Drawing/Madeline Chia)

Chloe Knerr, Staff Writer

Although some states are now moving out of lockdown and starting to reopen, this will only cause an increase in coronavirus cases. Even if a significant effort is put into social distancing, avoiding all contact with people is incredibly difficult. While many people in lockdown are getting impatient and are ready to leave the house as soon as possible, this may not be in their best interest. States such as Georgia and South Carolina are some of the earliest to begin to open businesses such as gyms, hair salons, and movie theaters. Unless the correct guidelines are followed, epidemiologists warn that coronavirus cases could spiral upwards again and cause the lockdown to stretch out even further. The consensus is that states should not begin to reopen without a secure system to detect the virus and locate its source, quarantining as needed. As the economy has taken a deadly hit, many states are insisting that the risk of continuing to spread the disease is worth taking steps towards healing the economy. 

As states have begun to reopen, there has been a slight increase in coronavirus cases. In some states, even without loosening restrictions, more people are going out anyway. Overall, it seems that people have mixed feelings about opening up the country again and returning to normal. While it seems that many are excited and optimistic about the idea, others feel as though it will only lead to the virus worsening and spreading further throughout the United States. Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Dr. Anthony S. Fauci claims that reopening states too soon and letting people out into the public could easily trigger additional outbreaks as well as lead to “some suffering and death that could be avoided.” He also says that it could “even set you back on the road to trying to get economic recovery.” For many state governors, taking Dr. Fauci’s advice may be in their best interests as fixing the economy is the top priority for the  government. While it may seem counterintuitive to those whose jobs rely on the normally thriving economy, keeping states in lockdown and staying home could ultimately cause less damage in the long run. In addition, I know many of us are anxious to return back to normal, but the truth is that it will take time and effort before we are ready. For New Jersey, the state is officially shut down until at least June 5. As of now, Governor Murphy has granted the function of construction businesses and retail stores for curbside pickup.