Good Intentions Does Not Meet Expectations



Alex Darenkov, Staff Writer

Nav is a very entertaining hip-hop artist to follow at the moment. Although he has been around for a few years, dropping singles on SoundCloud since 2015 and albums since 2017, Nav has not evolved much. When people think of him, they often have a hard time deciding whether he is a serious music producer or just another meme. Besides his comical album titles, Nav’s personality is often laughed at by the hip-hop community. This is mainly because of his lyrics and mannerisms, which show his desperation for fame and recognition through his boasting and “flexing”. Die-hard fans think otherwise, but Nav is an artist that you either hate or love. 

To say the least, Good Intentions, Nav’s most recent album, was over-hyped prior to its release. Unfortunately for many Nav fans, the self-proclaimed “Brown Boy” has failed to deliver on his January 1 twitter promise that “2020 im gona release the best music of my life.” There is no doubt that this album showcases his all-too-familiar attention-seeking attitude. Nav wants a seat at the cool-kids table with the big-name rappers of this age but continues to fall short. 

“Brown Boy going up this year, imma make sure that they fear him. Pockets are healthy yeah I filled them up with ladies.” This line of the first song, “Good Intentions (Intro), sums it up. A lot of listeners have grown tired of his constant flexing since day one. Lines such as “woke up feeling like a million bucks” does not ease their boredom. 

Despite its flaws, the album is not half bad. Junior Trevor Kunkle captures the feelings of the masses, “All the songs are kind of the same vibe. The features definitely make the album.” Many people find Nav’s music tracks and lyrics very repetitive, especially his solo songs which all sound the same. Songs like “Coast To Coast” and “Overdose” are among the songs Nav fans say are “just the same, except one is faster and the other is slower”. 

Where Nav delivers great music is in his features. His hit single “Turks,” with Travis Scott and Gunna, is an “absolute banger”, as they call it. This song sounds like something out of Trav’s collection and that is a compliment even Nav would accept. The second most listened to song is “Codeine (feat. Gunna)” which has a great verse from Gunna on top of nice drums and a consistent track. Other highlights of the album include “My Business,” “Status,” “No Ice,” and “Run It Up” (for the Pop Smoke fans), all of which have features that tend to sound better than Nav. 

Good Intentions is a “5.7/10” as Kunkle puts it, which is pretty good in the highly competitive hip-hop world. Some will agree and some won’t, but his unoriginality is something everyone can settle on. It seems Nav’s diamonds neither “twinkle nor twink nor cost as much as he thinks.” Good Intentions is decent, but not the ground-breaking album that everyone expected. One can only hope Nav fulfills his promise and releases his best music next time.