The Highs and Lows of Life in Quarantine


(Photo/Elena Mozhvilo/Unsplash)

Japna Singh, Print Copy Editor

Who would have thought that Japna Singh, the girl who cherished summer break and sleep more than anything in the world, would miss school? It’s true, I admit it: I miss having heated discussions in history class, procrastinating with Natasha Ray during our shared free period, and the PDS community. I spend the majority of my time either studying or watching TikToks. I have yet to find a balance between structure and free time in my quarantine life. As you might be aware, I, along with the rest of the sophomore class, am suffering the terror that is the infamous 10th-grade history research paper. While the paper is an amazing opportunity to research a topic you feel passionate about, it also comes with hours of work and stress. Even my favorite classes such as math and Spanish have been stressful and are still demanding. With school work increasing and the continued uncertainty as to how long the situation will last, “coronacation” isn’t going too well.

This time is difficult for everyone, but it is important to maintain relationships with friends and family and keep up healthy habits such as exercise and meditation. I’ve gotten past this stressful week by watching Never Have I Ever, a new original Netflix series, with my friends. The Google Chrome extension Netflix Party allows my friends and me to watch the same movie at the same time with a chat on the side to talk. Not only has this allowed us to bond over an amazing show, but this new technology has allowed us to spend some quality time together. I recommend this if you haven’t tried it out already; it is tons of fun. I have also discovered my newfound talent. At first glance, Japna Singh may not appear to be a pro baker, but she has mastered the art of baking the popular peanut butter chocolate chip cookies from Tik Tok. Even though the recipe is quite simple, the cookies were some of the best I ever had. I have decided to continue my foray into the world of baking by making banana bread, cinnamon rolls, and maybe even some coconut macaroons.  Who knows how much longer quarantine will last but it essential to reflect on both the joys and struggles it brings your way!