Is Quibi Worth it?


(Photo/Glenn Carstens/Unsplash)

Mehak Dhaliwal, Features Associate

You might have heard of Quibi, a new streaming service, through ads on Youtube. But if you’re anything like me, you don’t really know anything about it. Are you running out of shows to watch on Netflix? Want something else to satisfy your endless boredom during quarantine? Well, Quibi might be the answer for you.

Quibi’s slogan is “Quick bites. Big stories.” But what exactly is Quibi? Quibi claims to have “movie-quality shows designed for your phone.” They come out with new episodes every day, so if you join, you wouldn’t have to wait long for new material to watch. Quibi currently has over 30 shows available and counting; it claims to come out with new shows every week. These shows span almost every genre you can think of: cooking competitions, thrillers, horror, comedy, music, sports, documentaries, dating, celebrities, dance competitions, food, travel, crime, drama, home makeovers, and even prank shows! 

And that’s not even all of it. Quibi also has what they call “Daily Essentials,” where you can watch the news, look at what’s new in Hollywood, see cute pet stories, check the weather, and even tune in to a relaxation channel featuring meditation and ASMR. Quibi even has a News section where you can check out articles about Quibi itself. A quick look at the headlines shows that Quibi is growing fast, already reaching 1.7 million downloads in its first week! If you click on the Careers tab, you can check out job opportunities in Quibi. So if you’re moving to LA anytime soon, feel free to check that out. 

All in all, Quibi surprised me. I definitely wasn’t expecting to see so many shows available, many with celebrity casts and production equal to any show you would see on Netflix. So, if you like what you’re reading or just want to try out Quibi, they’re currently offering a 90 day free trial. Why not jump on the bandwagon and check it out?