These Are the 17 Most Iconic Tweets Posted Since Quarantine Began

Chloe Knerr, Print Staff Writer

Over the past few weeks, the activities keeping most of us sane have been narrowed down to meal times, Netflix, YouTube workouts, and social media. While we used to use it regularly and always have, social media is now playing a bigger role than ever before. It is now our main way of connecting and interacting with one another and with the outside world. From posting Instagram challenges to learning TikTok dances, almost every social media platform has stepped up its game. Twitter, for instance, has really taken the quarantine to heart as its users produce some of their best works yet. People all over the world have been connecting with each other through all kinds of tweets. Twitter is one of the fastest and easiest ways to share your thoughts on the internet, and the twitter community has definitely used this to their advantage. Whether it be funny, relatable, or cute content, Twitter has all your quarantine needs. Below are some of the best tweets that have come out since people started social distancing. From dog updates, to neighborhood DJs, to some of the most relatable quarantine moods you’ve seen yet, these tweets will hopefully satisfy your need for a little human interaction—at least for the next fifteen minutes!


1. When someone got so bored they started hosting guests:


2. Not all heroes wear capes.


3. This man who has a future in the Hibachi industry


4. This annoying but true mood


5.  These wholesome updates


6. Well this can’t be healthy for the doggo…


7. This is impossible to unsee


8. It’s okay to be struggling a bit


9. Experts say it’s good to keep up with our routines…


10. Keep pulling the team!


11. When the lack of sports is starting to affect people…


12. This daily voyage


13. Quarantine has led to some brilliant ideas


14. But has also led to some… weird… imaginary situations


15. Luckily we’ve still got our wits about us.


16. Even if it might not appear that way to coworkers/classmates.


17. But, in all seriousness, when you’re feeling down, just remember that we’re all here for you. Even if just virtually. <3