What To Watch on Netflix and Prime While in Quarantine


(Drawing/Madeline Chia ’21)

As COVID-19 continues to keep most of us in quarantine, many have begun turning to streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu to entertain ourselves. Want a quick guide to some of my personal favorites? Here is a list of shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime, in addition to a short description of each to satisfy your search. Most of these recommendations are PG-13, but make sure to check the rating before starting a new show or movie.


My All-Time Favorite Show and Movie

Psych (comedy/mystery): The son of a former police officer pretends to be a psychic in order to prove his innocence and solve cases for the Santa Barbara Police Department. 

This show is my favorite—Shawn Spencer and his best friend Gus are funny and witty, and they make this show addictive for mystery and comedy fans alike. Available on Amazon Prime.


Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (comedy): A high school student skips school and takes his best friend and girlfriend to Chicago for an unforgettable day off. 

This movie is a classic, and the parade scene is one of my favorite movie scenes of all time. Available on Netflix.



Now, here’s a list of shows you’ve probably seen. If you haven’t, please rectify that immediately. 

Stranger Things (mystery), Netflix


Criminal Minds (mystery/action), Netflix


All American (drama/sports), Netflix


Tiger King (true story/documentary), Netflix



Here’s some shows and movies you’ve probably heard of, but maybe you just haven’t had time to sit down and watch them. Believe me, it’s worth it. 

The Good Place (comedy show), Netflix


New Girl (comedy show), Netflix


Sherlock (mystery/detective show), Netflix


The 100 (dystopian show), Netflix


Queer Eye (makeover/reality show), Netflix


Love is Blind (dating/reality show), Netflix


Shawshank Redemption (drama/prison movie) Netflix


National Treasure (NICOLAS CAGE) (mystery movie), Netflix


He’s Just Not That Into You (rom-com movie), Netflix



Finally, here are some ~underground~ gems that you may not have heard of but should watch regardless.

Outer Banks (mystery/teen show), Netflix


Locke & Key (mystery show), Netflix


The Society (dystopian/drama show), Netflix


The Pursuit of Happiness (drama/true story movie), Netflix


Love, Rosie (rom-com movie), Netflix


The Social Network (drama/true story movie), Netflix