How Much Privacy Should Celebrities Expect in Public?


Photographers and paparazzi have a history of invading celebrities’ space and privacy. (Photo/Zeg Young/Unsplash)

Milan Patel, Print Staff Writer

Celebrities are, by definition, well known to many people, their fame coming from movies, songs, shows, or politics. Almost every celebrity with any degree of fame has a profile about them on the internet detailing their age, hobbies, where they were born, and the name of their pets. Although at first glance, it may seem fine to have this personal information publicized, it can get too personal. For example, some celebrities have done immoral things, made inappropriate comments, but have since tried to redeem themselves. Unfortunately, as people living largely in the public eye, their mistakes are plastered all over the internet.

Though this might seem difficult, it can be even worse for celebrities in public. When a tragedy occurs or a celebrity needs to go to a rehabilitation center, the moment they step out the door, cameramen and photographers appear as if they have a right to get in someone else’s personal space. It has become the norm for those with even a little bit of fame to be accosted wherever they go by reporters, fans, and haters alike.

It is, however, commonly pointed out that most celebrities should not expect a lot of privacy to begin with, given that being in the public eye was in their job description when they chose their field. An example of an exploitation of privacy is when two celebrities get divorced, things often escalate and become largely public affairs. This happened to Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux when they split, and the situation only became worse from there. It became known to everybody who wanted to know, simply because celebrities do not have the luxury of privacy. Even when celebrities try to keep their activities secret, the truth always comes out, leaving everyone involved exposed. 

Although fans, photographers, and the rest of the world are usually harmless, they sometimes take it too far. They decide to badger a celebrity without thinking about giving them some space, and after a while, it takes its toll. Celebrities might try and make a run for it, or maybe even get so heated that they start attacking other people. There have been many famous cases where a celebrity has punched somebody from the media without regard to how it will affect their appearance moving forward. The incident inevitably gets posted and starts trending until everyone who has Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter sees it. Freshman Harry Bernardi stated, “I am a crazy fan for some things too, but I would have the common courtesy to not try and get close to a celebrity especially if they would rather have some space.” Bernardi believes that many take celebrities for granted and should appreciate them more, especially given how much they influence our society. As freshman Sanjna Moola noted, “I think that celebrities are people that are looked up to by the public, but they are still human and deserve privacy doing daily activities.” 

Celebrities have little privacy, and it is most likely going to stay that way. Some fans might have decency while others do not, but many celebrities have just been forced to find new tricks to avoid the public eye. Fans should be considerate and think about the actual person behind the fame, because in truth, they are normal people just like us.