Older Siblings are….?


Young Japna and Harjap Singh take a photo with Santa (Photo/ Japna Singh ’22)

Japna Singh, Print Copy Editor

Not only was going to school a good change of environment, but it was also a good opportunity to get time away from my notorious older brother, Harjap Singh. Sometimes siblings are just like Upper School Gatherings: useful but mostly useless. Now I am stuck at home with him all day, every day. If you didn’t know, Harjap Singh is a senior who has already been suffering from senioritis for a few months now. Quarantine and online school have only made this illness much worse. His day usually starts with a couple of hours of stock trading with George Ma. Of course, trading stocks, even when you have no idea what you’re doing, can be invigorating, so he decides to take a “short” break watching Netflix. Though he says he’s only going to watch one episode of Tiger King, the TV plays for the next three hours. He then proceeds to bribe me with money he doesn’t have to make him something to eat. Harjap owes me around a hundred dollars. In the midst of doing absolutely nothing and researching the infamous Joe Exotic, he has found a new past time: bothering his younger sister. From blasting TV at one AM, when everyone is trying to sleep, to trying to teach me the entire PDS physics curriculum even though I’m taking chemistry, he is a nuisance. If any of his teachers are reading this, please assign him more homework. 

Yes, sometimes we share good memories too. One time, I wanted to thank him for teaching me things I didn’t need to know, so I gave him raspberries filled with hot sauce and some Oreos filled with toothpaste. To any younger siblings out there, know that there is someone out there that understands your struggles. But, at the same time, once they are gone to college, you are going to miss them a lot. I still remember the time Harjap went away for a semester in Washington D.C. To be honest, it was really fun at first, but then I realized I had lost my partner in crime. Next year, there isn’t going to be anyone to help me with physics when I’m actually taking the class, and there won’t be anyone to convince me to agree to unfair trading deals in Monopoly. So, I’m going to take quarantine as an opportunity to sneak in a few more memories, and of course, some more toothpaste Oreos.