Pandemic: A Summer Threat?


(Photo/Ethan Robertson/Unsplash)

Neha Khandkar, Staff Writer

Each day since PDS students began Spring Break has brought more concerns with the coronavirus spreading far more rapidly than anticipated. At first, the notion of online school seemed too far to be true, a mere “just in case” scenario. But as the first week of break passed, coronavirus was making the headlines of every newspaper. Soon enough, students and parents were sent an email and online school became a reality. The school has made a hopeful estimate at returning to school by roughly April 19, but doubts have begun to surface amongst students around just how long this pandemic will last, and how it may affect not only the rest of their school year but their summers as well. Freshman Leigh Hillmanno observed, “I’d say I’m definitely hoping everything will clear up by summer, but with the amount of information—false or otherwise—being shown in the media, along with how our understanding of the virus is changing every day, it’s going to be hard to tell.” 

Many haven’t made definitive summer plans as of yet, but some are not so lucky. Sophomore Sophie Zhang mentioned, “There were a few camps and travel opportunities I had for the summer that are probably going to be cancelled.” The possibility of the pandemic lasting through the end of the school year has brought with it much disappointment, arguably hitting the seniors hardest. Senior Carly Kunkle shared, “I had plans to travel this summer and I wanted to spend a lot of time with my friends before we all go away to college, so I really need this corona thing to be over!”  Regardless, Kunkle and various others recognize the broader picture. Sophomore Robyn Karchere-Sun said, “I am not too worried about missing activities and more worried about the effect the virus has.” The impact of the virus has been tremendous around the world. Thousands of people are falling ill, countries’ economies are sinking, and the daily lifestyle of every one of us is being altered. The coming months will be vital to track. Will they ease our fears or further them?