Games to Keep You Entertained While in Quarantine


Madeline Chia

(Photo/Madeline Chia) Madeline Chia ’21 playing lacrosse outside during quarantine.

Milan Patel, Print Staff Writer

During these difficult times, as the coronavirus spreads through the world, our communities are going into lockdown, people are staying in their homes, and small businesses are being forced to close their doors. Though everyone is in a different situation, students across PDS have been facing the same question: “what should I do?”

Even if interacting with others is not an option, there are still many fun activities that teenagers could do while out of school. Many have been enjoying their time at home by playing popular video games such as Fortnite, Minecraft, and NBA 2k20. However, while non-stop gaming has become a norm for many teens, more interactive activities can help high schoolers  stay healthy and active during the quarantine. It may not seem like much, but playing catch is a great way to get outdoors and interact with family members. Whether throwing a baseball or catching a football, it is always a good idea to get fresh air and exercise. Another physical activity that keeps kids engaged is practicing a sport. Senior Kevin Dougherty, a varsity lacrosse player, is spending his break playing wall ball with just his stick and ball. Dougherty noted, “I have even gotten up at 6 am just to hit the wall so that I can stay active and ready for the season.” While this may be an inconvenient time for many, Dougherty is using his free time to master his sport. 

Although sports and getting outdoors is good for your physical and mental health, not everyone wants to be outside all day. Many teens are picking up new hobbies including TikToking. TikTok has swept over the nation over the past few months and with this break, more students are getting into it. Freshman Sophia Jaffe is not much of a TikToker herself, yet she has surprised herself by making more TikToks than ever before. Jaffe says, “TikTok is helping me get off the couch and learn new dances and gain experience on this app.” Maybe finding a new hobby will help others over the next week and maybe even continue after online classes start.

While people of all ages are out of school and at home, they should think about taking up a new hobby or going outside every once in a while to keep their energy levels up. These small activities will help everyone stay active and ready until we get back to school.