How to Take Care of Yourself While in Quarantine


Katie Jain

Even Pandas need self care! (Photo/Katie Jain)

Allison Liang, Print Sports Editor

As the coronavirus outbreak keeps you from leaving home, here are some tips for self-care and a list of what you can do to keep yourself entertained during this time, courtesy of PDS counselor Ms. Portale, and Healthy Minds co-heads Ava Sarnow and Michelle Tucker!

Try these at home!

  • Draw and Paint: Explore your creativity and draw or paint anything you want. It’s super relaxing, and will definitely help you de-stress!
  • Binge-watch: This is a great time to catch-up on all those shows and movies that you’ve always wanted to watch. You can even download the extension Netflix Party from the Chrome App Store, which allows you to watch Netflix movies with your friends while chatting together!
  • Cook: Whether it’s making your favorite pasta or baking cupcakes, take the time to make something delicious for yourself and your family!
  • Social Media: Catch-up with your friends and family via text or facetime to show them that you care about them during this special time! Don’t forget that you can always have an intense round of pool on GamePigeon, or take some nice pictures to share on social media!
  • TikTok: If you have been wanting to learn new dances or make TikToks in general, this is a great time to put those plans into action!
  • Board Games: Appreciate the fact that everyone in your household is together right now, and use this time to have some memorable and fun bonding sessions with your family! 
  • Online Shopping: Maybe you won’t be able to get all the new products you want right now, but start your wishlist on websites in preparation for the summer. Make an effort to support your local businesses during this special time as well!
  • Organize: If you have always told yourself you’ll clean up your messy closet “later,” maybe now is the time! 
  • Unplug Technology: Make an effort to unplug yourself from your phone, computer, iPad, and social media! Do something else: solve some puzzles, read a book, or start a journal to write out your feelings and thoughts. 

Self-Care Tips

It is especially important to stay clean and healthy when there is a highly contagious virus going around! It is also important for you to take some time off and de-stress from a busy high school life!

  • Manage your daily news consumption: Check the news for important updates and information, but don’t spend too much time reading articles if they will only stress you out. We know the media tends to hype things up.
  • Workout: Make sure to keep fit and stay healthy by moving around and burning off the calories! Check Schoology for the awesome workouts that Darius posts! If you’re an athlete, try your best to keep practicing your drills! 
  • Eat well: Manage what you are eating, and make sure to stay on a healthy but also delicious diet. Nourish your body, because you are what you eat!
  • Meditate: Try meditating and see if it helps you manage your stress, thoughts, and feelings!
  • Take a walk (within a reasonable distance): Get some fresh air and Vitamin D with your pet, because they can be bored after staying long periods inside the house too!
  • Spotify Playlist: Create the ultimate playlist or any playlist you’re feeling! Dance to it! Listen to music because it can clean your mind and put you in a good mood!
  • Maintain your personal hygiene: Brush your teeth, shower, and wash your hands.
  • Debrief: It’s important to talk with your family and peers about how this experience is impacting you. Your feelings are real, valid, and much appreciated by those around you!
  • Face masks and skin-care routines: Take care of yourself, starting with your skin! Who doesn’t want fresh and clear skin?
  • Play around with styling: Try some new hairstyles, makeup looks, nail, or even put together some new outfits. 

In short, try your best to stay optimistic and maintain a healthy lifestyle! Make the best out of this difficult time, and show your appreciation for your friends and family. We are all in this together!