Will You Be Valen-Mine? PDS Opinions on Valentine’s Day

Yishi Wang, Online Staff Writer

Oh Valentine’s Day! How the birds chirp, how the roses bloom! A specially designated time to embrace the beauty of relationships, give love to the people around you, and spend some money on your loved ones or yourself by buying flowers, chocolates, and most importantly, PDS carnations. 

Well, for some PDS students, that is not exactly the case. Junior Katie Yang expressed that she has “no comment” on the upcoming romantic shenanigans but then went on to assert that “Valentine’s Day is irrelevant to my current level of stress.” 

Some are completely appreciative of the festivity. Junior John Akbari is one such Valentine’s Day-loving person, emotionally exclaiming that “carnations are great, flowers are cool, love is in the air.”

Of course, many hold opinions that fall in between these two extremes. “[Valentine’s Day is nice, but] I think we have to love each other every day; we shouldn’t have to wait for the one day every year to express it,” said Ms. Santangelo, the queen of Shepherd Commons, who later added that “[Valentine’s Day] shouldn’t just be about romantic love; it should be about all the love you have in your life and all the people you share that with.” 

This view is shared by junior Mackenzie Mazzarisi, who noted that “the backstory behind [Valentine’s Day] is neat; I think it’s cool for people who want to celebrate it, but it can also be shoved down people’s throat a lot.” 

Some people are not focusing on the holiday’s love aspect but are instead scheming how to obtain the most lucrative financial gains. As a proud member of econ, senior Joe Hudicka, advises that “if you want to buy Valentine’s Day candy, wait until the day after, because it’s like 75% off and it’s really cheap and really good.” What a smart businessman. 

So there you go party people. Remember to get your gifts the day AFTER Valentine’s Day. If the recipient really loves you, they wouldn’t mind, would they?