This Summer, I Came Out


Courtesy of the University of Washington

Katie Jain, Online Opinions Editor

Over the summer, I decided to come out as bisexual to… a weirdly large amount of people. It began at a program I did in June, when I gave a speech to the other 160 kids there. For lack of better or more interesting content in my life, my speech began: “I am a biracial bisexual woman living in a country facing one of its most divisive times in history. So, naturally, I am always confused.” That was a strangely exhilarating feeling, and I did appreciate being able to talk about girls I was into, rather than just guys. Deciding I wanted this attention and excitement to continue, I showed a video of the speech to my parents, effectively coming out to them as well. I then proceeded to come out to all the other students on my trip to Thailand…  and then afterwards to a collected assortment of PDS, PHS, Stuart, and Hun kids at the Cornerhouse retreat. The final way occurred when, during one activity, we were forced to write a poem using the prompt: “Things I Would Never Tell ____,” so I wrote about the time I tried to kiss my first grade best friend and she responded with “ew.” 

Courtesy of The Daily Beast

This was all really lighthearted because I received almost only positive reactions, because I have been raised in and exposed to solely tolerant communities. I understand that this is not the case for so many, and I am truly so grateful for the love I was met with. 

So, anyway, after coming out to a solid total of 300 random people, I hung up a pride flag and cuffed my jeans- totally prepared to embrace bi life. Oh yeah, and then I came out to you in the Spokesman “Here’s What We’ve Been Doing This Summer” article. 

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