My Dear Melancholy

Hayden Masia, Staff Writer

Ah, yes. Peace and quiet. Everything in the world of music is relaxed. Nothing crazy is happening. That is, until March 30, 2018, a day that will go down in music history: singer and rapper The Weeknd dropped an album.

Technically, this album is really an extended play (EP), due to its relatively short list of songs. But this does not make the album any less emotional, passionate, soulful, or powerful. As freshman Aaliyah Sayed puts it, “My Dear Melancholy, is an album that really provokes emotion and it’s an album to listen to when you’re just sitting on the couch, ready to feel all the feels.” The album includes six songs: “Call Out My Name,” “Try Me,” “Wasted Times,” “I Was Never There” (feat. Gesaffelstein), “Hurt You” (feat. Gesaffelstein), and “Privilege.”

“Call Out My Name” is rumored to be about The Weeknd’s ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez. He sings about being by her side through thick and thin and losing parts of himself for her in the line: “I almost cut a piece of myself for your life.”

The next song on the album is “Try Me,” which speaks of longing, hurt, and infidelity. The Weeknd sings: “I didn’t know you were down for him finding out / I thought you had some kind of love for your man / Well, I’m not tryna break up something / You’ve been working out, you’ve been steady.” This lyric may be referencing Selena Gomez’s rekindled relationship with Justin Bieber after she and The Weeknd split up around November 2017. This line is meant to be noticed, as the background music fades as we hear these intense, meaningful lyrics about his pain.

Next is “Wasted Times,” during which The Weeknd sings about wasting his time with another girl who is nothing in comparison to the song’s subject. The Weeknd sings that he “wasted times with someone else/ She wasn’t even half of you.” Later on in the verse, he explains that even though she made his life horrible, he still misses her by saying: “and even though you put my life through hell / I can’t seem to forget ‘bout you…/ I want you to myself.” This song is so emotionally provoking that it will make you miss an ex-lover you might not even have.

“I Was Never There (feat. Gesaffelstein)” is the next song on The Weeknd’s album. Something worth noting is that Gesaffelstein is the only featured artist in this EP and appears in the next song on the tracklist as well. This song goes deep, with The Weeknd and Gesaffelstein singing and rapping about the end of a serious relationship and turning to drugs, alcohol, and mindless/casual sex to numb the pain of the breakup. This song has an amazing background, with undertones that hint at the anger, loss, and heartbreak in the lyrics.

After this song comes “Hurt You” (feat. Gesaffelstein). The musical duo raps about a girl falling in love with The Weeknd, but him warning her that he “don’t wanna hurt her.” This song was most likely inspired by Bella Hadid and how she looked for The Weeknd’s love even after he broke her heart. “Hurt You” plucks at the heartstrings and is sure to provoke emotion from even the most hard-hearted.

The final song on My Dear Melancholy, is “Privilege.” In this song, The Weeknd sings about how ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez can continue living her privileged life while he goes back to his “roots” A.K.A drugs, alcohol, and other mind-numbers.

Simply put, this album is incredible and unlike any other The Weeknd has produced thus far. It is full of beautiful songs that dig deep and coax out emotion as he takes you on a journey through song, and overall a true masterpiece.