Exceptional Friendships at PDS


Valerie Cerna, Staff Writer

When going to a new school, one can be anxious about many facets of the year ahead. A common anxiety shared among newcomers is the fear of failing to make friends. Luckily for PDS students, many of us connect with others in such an amazing way that friendships are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

For sophomores Maggie Madani and Audrey Toscano, their friendship blossomed on this very campus in the pre-kindergarten classroom. Though they were not too close at the time, only connected by the fact that everyone got them mixed up once in a while, they reconnected in 7th grade. What brought them even closer was their mutual love for Trenton Thunder games, watching sports games, and going to Six Flags. In fact, Toscano was the first person with whom Madani ever went to Six Flags. Although the pair did not have a class together until their sophomore year, Toscano recognized that Madani was always there for her and vice versa. Ironically, Madani’s first impression of her current best friend was that she was a “basic Starbucks girl.” When asked about her first memory of the two, Toscano mentioned their first Blue and White Day, when she was white and Madani was blue. She vividly described how competitive Madani was when it came to sports, a trait which continues to this day. The girls have celebrated many birthdays together, and hope to travel to Fiji together one day after high school. Until that day arrives, Toscano and Madani hang out in the Upper School library during the week and go on movie dates often.

The close relationship between sophomores Julia Lach and Skylar Mundenar also began in the Lower School. The bond started when Lach saw that Mundenar always celebrated her birthdays with fellow sophomore Toscano and instantly grew jealous. Lach sheepishly admitted, “After seeing her be friends with Audrey, I was so jealous and thought ‘I want to be friends with Skylar so bad!’” It was through Toscano that the two girls started talking and eventually became good friends. In the past 11 years, Lach and Mundenar have discovered various similar interests, such as musical taste, style, and especially their love of sports, specifically lacrosse. Even though the two live in opposite directions and do not see each other as often as they wish they could outside of PDS, they always celebrate New Year’s Eve together, take road trips to Margate or Avalon, and FaceTime regularly to work on their French homework.

PDS is not only special for incredible academic opportunities, but also for lifelong friendships, which are equally as important. Although many people became friends in lower or middle school, there are a plethora of opportunities to make friends that you never thought you would have. That is one of the many things to love about PDS, for those friendships make PDS the special place that it is.