Superbowl LII: The Road to Victory of the Eagles

Sachin Patel, Sports Editor

The Super Bowl: a time to come together with family, yell at a TV screen, and overeat for tradition. This year marked Super Bowl LII, where the New England Patriots faced off against the Philadelphia Eagles. For many students at PDS, this was a fantastic victory for the Eagles. However, it was devastating for the Giants fans who wanted to support the only team to defeat Brady and the Patriots.

The road to the Super Bowl for the Eagles started when they drafted Carson Wentz in April of 2016. His first season was, at best, average, coming out with a 7-9 record and fourth in the NFC East division. However, it seemed he just needed time to warm up, because the 2017-2018 season would be a historic and incredible one for him. It started with an incredible 11-2 record for the Eagles, clinching them a spot in the playoffs. However, in the 13th game, Philadelphia suffered a tremendous loss when Carson Wentz tore his ACL.

Scrambling for a solution, Doug Pederson (head coach) put Nick Foles in as starting quarterback for the remainder of the season. Foles has played as starting quarterback for the Eagles in the past, but he had never been a starter for anything like the challenge that faced him. The Eagles had to face off against the Falcons after getting a first-round bye. They barely got the win coming ahead 15-10. In the third round, the Minnesota Vikings knew they had a challenge to face when playing in Philadelphia against the Eagles for the conference championship. In the first quarter, the Vikings came out swinging, getting a touchdown within the first five minutes, but Foles and the Eagles got a touchdown ten minutes in to tie it up for the first quarter. The Eagles came out for the second quarter pumped up, and the score reflected this. The Eagles had scored two more touchdowns and a field goal to make the score 24-7 going into half time. The Vikings needed to come up big in the second half, but they couldn’t do it; the Eagles put them to sleep with a final score of 38-7. The Eagles were finally in the Super Bowl facing Brady and the Patriots after two amazing wins.

Both teams came into the Super Bowl to put on one of the most exhilarating games ever. In the first quarter, the Eagles started the game off with a field goal. The Patriots later got a field goal due to Brady being stopped by the Eagles’ powerful defense. Nick Foles, in his first Super Bowl, knew he had to be as aggressive as possible on offense to suppress the Patriots. He decided to go big and threw a long ball to Alshon Jeffery for a touchdown, making the score 9-3. The second quarter was jam-packed with action, with the Eagles scoring two huge touchdowns and the Patriots scoring a touchdown and a field goal. Fast forward to the fourth quarter, the score was 29-26. Everybody knew what the Patriots are capable of doing with Brady in the final quarter, as he has shown time and time again. The Patriots, for the first time in the game, took the lead after the Eagles scored a field goal making the score 32-33. However, this did not stop Foles, who threw an 11-yard pass to Ertz for a touchdown making the score 38-33. The Patriots had the ball with 2 minutes remaining, and the Eagles’ defense line needed to stop Brady. But then, FUMBLE! Every Eagles fan screamed and shouted with joy when the ball came loose and the Eagles recovered it, getting them the win. It was a game for the history books with the Eagles winning their first Super Bowl and joining the Giants in the only teams to defeat Brady and the Patriots.