Student Council update: Homecoming and Puerto Rico

Ritika Kumar and Anjali Bhatia

Student Council was created to give students the opportunity to share their ideas and collectively come up with solutions. As Student Council President Tarika Kumar explained, Council is “supposed to empower every student in this school by making them feel that their voice can be heard.” Student Council does this by allowing anybody who has a proposal – an idea or change that somebody would like to put into action – to share it with the rest of Council during meetings, which are held every Day 5 during Community Block. All students, whether they have an elected position or not, have the opportunity to propose their ideas at a given meeting.

Proposals are voted upon during the cyclic meetings. If a majority of elected members agree to pass a proposal, then it will be put into action. Likewise, if a majority of members agree to reject a proposal, then it will not be put into action.

Two proposals were discussed and passed during the second Student Council meeting of the new school year on October 2. The first, drafted by the Student Life Committee, involved Council’s assistance in paying for security and chaperones for the Homecoming dance on Saturday, October 14. “Each year, Student Life Committee spends an exorbitant amount of money on not simply the dance itself, but the security that is required along with the dance,” Student Life Co-head Devon Wenzel stated. “Thus, this year, as a goal of not being in debt the entire year, Student Life Committee would like Student Council to fund the logistical part of the dance that is required by Princeton Day School to have.” This part of Homecoming required about $1,200, and Student Life has agreed to return any unused funds to the treasury. By doing so, Student Life may be able to charge less for entry per student to the dance, therefore increasing participation, and in addition, hold more student activities throughout the year.

Another proposal which recently passed related to Puerto Rico hurricane relief efforts. Council provided the funds necessary to offset the costs of the Rita’s Ice fundraiser held on Tuesday, October 11. As Senior Class President Rahul Bhatia commented, “Council’s financial support [was] vital to ensure we maximize our donation to the victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.” In the end, $1,052 were raised solely from selling Rita’s Ice, and all of the money went to hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico. It is amazing that Student Council proposals can make a difference not just within the PDS community, but also in other parts of the world.

Student Council also has an online Schoology group where students can find daily updates about meetings, notes about Council discussions, and much more. Although looking at Council Schoology updates is important, attending meetings can be even more effective. “When you are not at the meeting, we can’t hear what you think,” said Kumar. “It is really great to look at the updates if you can’t come to a meeting because it is really important to stay aware of what is going on at PDS. But, if you want to contribute, and you want us to hear your opinions and acknowledge them, then you have to come to the meetings.”