PDS contributes to hurricane relief


Courtesy of PDS

Eric Leung, Copy Editor

Within weeks of each other, two powerful hurricanes – Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma – devastated the Atlantic region, primarily affecting those around the Texas Gulf Coast region, the Caribbean islands, and the southeastern United States. Millions of people were displaced and affected by the destruction, and according to weather experts from the news and cable company CNBC, the combined cost of both hurricanes ranges anywhere from 150 to 200 billion dollars.

As a result, many members of the Princeton Day School community wanted to contribute to the hurricane relief efforts. “We knew from lots of conversations with students, faculty members, and [other] members of the community that everybody was thinking about the same thing, which was the devastation of the hurricanes, both Irma and Harvey, in parts of the United States and abroad,” Director of Wellness Services Maritoni Shah stated. “And so, as a community, we wanted to try to bring ourselves together to work towards a common goal.”

In order to construct a plan to show support and solidarity for those affected by the hurricanes, the Upper School Community Service Representatives, the Red Cross Club, and Upper School Dean of Students Elizabeth Monroe brainstormed ways to raise money. They decided to organize a voluntary donation Pajama Day and bake sale on Monday, September 18, with all proceeds going to the hurricane relief efforts.

“I was so pleasantly surprised when I walked [into school] on Monday,” exclaimed Red Cross Club co-head senior Anisa Lateef. “I saw all these kids in sweatpants, pajamas, fluffy slippers, and robes, because they were all participating! You could assume from all the participation that they donated too. Some people even came up to me and offered donations because they remembered I was helping out with the fundraiser – it’s crazy, the response we got.”

Despite unexpected obstacles, such as the midday fire that ended the bake sale prematurely due to smoke contamination of exposed goods, the fundraiser successfully raised a total of $3,001.40 for hurricane relief. Lateef noted, “Depending on what goes on in the world, in the occurrence of national or natural events or devastations like this, the Red Cross Club, Service Learning Committee, and PDS will certainly be ready to help.”