Spring fun in Princeton

Saengeeta Kishore, Arts Associate

Spring is here and there is no better place to spend a spring afternoon than Princeton! Even though it may not seem like there are too many things to do, Princeton is filled with outdoor spaces where you can take advantage of the nice weather.

Princeton is packed with shops and restaurants and is very busy year-round, but especially active during springtime. People of all ages come out and stroll the streets, browse the stores, and dine at the various restaurants and cafés.

My personal favorite spot in all of Princeton is definitely Halo Pub. Not only am I obsessed with their coffee chip ice cream, but also with their occasional live music near the benches outside. It is the perfect atmosphere for hanging out with friends and enjoying a lovely environment.

Many students, when asked about springtime in Princeton, mentioned the Fountain of Freedom in Scudder Plaza within the Princeton University campus as one of their favorite places to visit. On a really hot day, young kids will even toddle into the fountain to cool off and have a splash in the water.

A nearby spring destination is Prospect Garden, one of the hidden gems of the Princeton University campus. Located right behind one of Princeton University’s dining clubs, Prospect House, the garden has over six hundred varieties of brightly colored flowers, as well as many sculptures and fountains. Interestingly, Prospect Garden was created and designed by a former First Lady of the United States, Edith Wilson, the wife of  Princeton alumnus, Woodrow Wilson. Prospect Garden is a location largely unknown, but is certainly a wonderful place to visit as the trees burst forth in color.

Princeton also often has events happening in the springtime, and Communiversity is a favorite among students. The Communiversity ArtsFest is an annual, one-day free event hosted by the Arts Council of Princeton right in town. It features hundreds of booths and stalls with vendors showcasing original art, merchandise, and food, all from in and around the Princeton area. There are also multiple stages stationed throughout the streets for continuous live performances. Attracting around 4000 people each year, Communiversity ArtsFest is a truly remarkable event and definitely one of the highlights of the season.