Motels and Mountains

Anisa Lateef, Styles Associate

The Qniverse is like the parking lot of a motel complex next to a monstrous mountain.

People are always shuffling in and out of their rooms, even before sunrise, carrying baggage on their backs, like donkeys, trying to map out their hiking plans.

Every day, people climb as far as they can up the mountain with packs strapped to the bones on their backs, then climb back down at sunset.

Their goal is to explore the scenery and to inhale the beauty of the climb, while trying to make it a rock higher every day. Personal goals and growth.

As the diameter of the glowing sun falls parallel with our energy levels, everyone retreats back to the motel with swollen hands, dusty flannels, and rocky lungs.

There are days when everything–body, soul, mind, muscle–is crying and aching and pounding like hail on the mountain top, but even so, we are all able to throw our stuff aside to meet in the parking lot for a bonfire every night.

The Qniverse is the parking lot bonfire by the base of the towering mountain, there to coax with warmth, light, and community. Even those without a room stop by for a crackling bonfire. The chatter sparks, warmth hugs, advice rotates, and voices echo. It’s a time and place to heal.

People are trading tips and tricks for conquering the mountain: every approach, naturally, a unique way.

Then, kids pack up their stuff and stomp their Timberlands up the mountain, baggage on their backs, searching for the next checkpoint. But they always know that they have a home waiting at the start of the climb.