Athlete of the Month: Chase Lewis

Vivek Sharma, Sports Associate

This past season, senior Chase Lewis became the first basketball player at PDS to join the 1000 Point Club since Davon Reed accomplished the same feat six years ago. Lewis has attended PDS for the past four years, and is one of the finest athletes that our school has seen in quite some time.

Lewis only started playing basketball around second grade and admits that his introduction to the sport was quite comical. “There weren’t any basketball leagues for my age group: they were only for third grade and above,” says Lewis. “So my mom sent in an application saying I was in third grade, and that is how I started playing basketball.” He has made it a long way since that fateful day ten years ago.

Lewis always keeps basketball in perspective, and likes to view himself as a well-rounded individual. He feels that PDS is largely to thank for this, explaining that, “PDS has emphasized the word ‘student-athlete.’ At the end of the day, your knowledge can’t be taken from you. On the other hand, my basketball career could be over tomorrow…Being a strong athlete but a stronger student is manifested in PDS.”

Lewis cites his mother as his main source of inspiration, saying, “My mom has sacrificed so much to see me be successful. She was the only person who believed in me when others didn’t. Whenever I feel the urge to quit, my mom gives me the strength to keep going. I love you, Mom!”

Lewis also feels that he should not take all of the credit for his tremendous achievement, as he has received helped from several people, including God, his mother, his teammates, Coach McKinley, Coach Williams, Coach Young, and any trainer who has helped him in his basketball career. All these individuals were crucial in helping Lewis reach over 1000 points during his PDS basketball career.

Lewis’ focus and perspective on his huge accomplishment is truly admirable. For him, joining the 1000 point club is “just another point…nothing is new.” Lewis is going to continue to bring his energy and effort to the games. We all owe Chase a huge congratulations, and the Spokesman wishes him and his teammates the best of luck in the future.


Favorite NBA team: Oklahoma City Thunder

Favorite food: Vodka Rigatoni

Favorite color: Rosso Corsa, a shade of red

Pre-game playlist: G Herbo, Chief Keef, Kodak Black