Volume 53 Launches with New Staff

Ryan Donnelly, Features Editor

As the Spokesman begins anew for Volume 53 this year, there are many students in the Princeton Day School community who have joined the staff in 2017. This year’s group of writers, editors, photographers, artists, and videographers are preparing to launch a new vision for a reimagined newspaper.

Under the guidance of Editors-in-Chief junior Hallie Hoffman and junior Devon Wenzel, the Spokesman is already starting to play with new concepts and ideas, while building on the past successes and longstanding traditions of the Spokesman over its 52 previous volumes. Wenzel and Hoffman will be taking charge of the Spokesman with high hopes and ambitions to redesign its presence and image in the Princeton Day School community, while continuing the legacy of respectful debate and conversation on topics concerning our school. Furthermore, under the leadership of junior Michelle Leung, the new staff is seeking to overhaul the Spokesman’s website with the intention to include new articles and mediums, as well as to bolster the relevance of the newspaper and its articles in a modern and ever-changing world. Additionally, Hoffman and Wenzel are introducing a new Styles Section which is dedicated to satire and humor. While this section will initially appear online, Styles will hopefully become a permanent fixture in the paper.

With its six section editors, twelve section associates, three copy editors, fourteen staff writers, as well as student artists, photographers, and videographers, an online edition managed by Leung, and the entire publication led by Wenzel and Hoffman, the new Spokesman staff is excited for its work on the newspaper for the rest of 2017.