New York Fashion Week highlights new trends

Kali Radu, Arts Editor

From featuring Kanye West’s last minute presentation of his Spring-Summer 2016 collection to bringing Rihanna on Puma’s runway, New York Fashion Week constantly blows our minds with what they have in store. Always showcasing new and exciting collections and designs, the event has everyone in the industry working on their final touches for their upcoming shows.

Whether presenting cutout prints, fringe detail, or statement belts, every fashion designer is excited for the Fall/Winter Fashion Show. NYFW is jampacked and crazy busy with shows from many famous designers as well as new, up-and-coming ones. Alongside London, Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks, New York Fashion Week is one of the most celebrated events in the industry, where buyers and press can witness the latest works of the best labels.

Many of us are anticipating graphic black and white to be the highlight of this year’s Fall/ Winter runway. Long velvet gowns, mostly black, are also something many avid fashion fans are looking forward to, even though they are diffcult to pull off on a regular day basis. Additionally, pastel colors usually tend to come in on the runway around this time, with designers showing more cottoncandy-like shades, giving us a break from the more intense and vivid colors that are popular during the summer. Past runway shows tend to feature pastels paired with neutral whites and greys rather than dark blacks and blues, so wear your pastel pieces before October.

Some of my all-time favorites from previous runway shows include:

Hanley Mellon: Inspired by the team’s trip to Antwerp, Belgium. Their collections include 80s wide-legged pants and velvet belts.

Dennis Basso: Everyone loves Dennis Basso, especially when we see his elegant collection of furs and dresses that leaves everyone feeling regal.

Vera Wang: Vera never disappoints, especially when Kendall Jenner walked her runway last year rocking all dark everything with some deep “V” necks here and there and a little flower detailing.

Much of what makes a fashion runway stronger than others or certain designers more successful has to do with creativity and a designer knowing the buyers. Once designers have original ideas that will appeal to the buyers wants and needs, they are more likely to have success with their line. A great example of creativity is the work of designer Simone Porte Jacquemus, who made his first garment, a skirt cut from a curtain, at just eight years old. “It was ugly, but it changed my life,” he said. To this day, he preserves the same playful irreverence at his namesake label and has huge success with Paris street style, wanting to take his line worldwide.

In a world where fashion is part of almost every country’s traditions and customs, many people tend to be intrigued by its history as opposed to futuristic trends. While it is important to understand where these styles began, it is just as important to know on what runway shows they will end up in and where they will die out, in order to keep up with current trends and not fall behind.