WHIP- Arlee’s Raw Blends

What’s Hot In Princeton

Julia Marshall, Staff Writer

At the far end of Nassau Street, a new juice store recently opened its doors. A healthy place, with more than just juice, Arlee’s Raw Blends is the spot to go for tasty yet nutritious snacks. Besides cold pressed juices, Arlee’s offers a variety of vegetable and fruit chips, crackers, yogurt, and vegan cream cheeses.

Started by a woman named Arlee, the store is universally popular. The story goes that Arlee loved fresh juice, but she was so busy she could not make fresh juices everyday. She looked in Princeton for a place that sold fresh cold pressed juices but could not fnd anything, so she, along with her husband Brian, worked on perfecting their recipes and sourcing the best produce with the intent of making their own store.

Arlee’s is best known for its raw, cold pressed juices that come in a variety of favors from their pineapple blend to their more adventurous kale juices. However, Arlee’s is not just like the other juice places in town. As an Arlee’s employee described, “The thing that sets Arlee’s apart from another competitor is that Arlee’s is completely vegan and raw and everything is made in house. We don’t have any other brands here. We also really want our products to taste good. A lot of people think ‘oh it’s vegetable juice, it doesn’t taste good,’ but the juices here are really great.” For its juices, Arlee’s uses local 100 percent certifed organic produce, which ensures the freshness of all their juices. The produce is then cold pressed by a machine that looks similar to a woodchopper and applies about 10 tons of pressure to the produce. Cold pressing juices allows living enzymes and nutrients to be in the juice, making it a lot better for you than the pasteurized variety typically found in grocery stores. Arlee’s then packages the juices into glass bottles to ensure that they are BPA free.

Arlee’s goal is to be the “premier raw juice company in New Jersey.” Their best selling juice is the Kale Blend #2 which is a juice that contains kale, cucumber, celery, apple, lemon, and ginger. Overall, Arlee’s looks to support health and wellness in the Princeton area and to offer healthy juice options to everyone.

Arlee’s does not simply focus on the health of humans, but rather the health of the Earth as well. They stress the importance of limiting their carbon footprint. Arlee’s makes an effort to recycle, compost, and use biodegradable materials.

The frst time I went, I was a bit skeptical, but after seeing it in served to middle schoolers at PDS, I wanted to try it out myself. I was really surprised by how delicious it was. I am defnitely hooked, and it is something you should try out for yourself. When asked about the frst time he went to Arlee’s, junior Coby Gibson responded, “I liked it. The atmosphere was good. It had a cool layout, and it tasted good. I went in not expecting to like anything and I liked all of the juices that I tried.”