New Spokesman staff aims high

Rahul Bhatia, Copy Editor

With each new year comes the arrival of a brand new volume of the Spokesman. Entering its 52nd year with a group of both experienced members and many new faces, the staff of this year’s Spokesman is excited and more than ready to get to work on producing the Upper School’s longstanding newspaper.

Leading the paper for this volume are Editor-in-Chiefs junior Hannah Freid and sophomore Michelle Leung. Both Editor-in-Chiefs are looking forward to a successful volume and building upon the accomplishments of the Spokesman’s past work. Holding the position for a second year, Freid stated that her goals for this volume include “continuing to publish quality articles that provoke dialogue in the community and allow students to voice their opinions.”

Additionally, Freid plans “to produce more issues this year and continue to inform the PDS community, especially with so many changes coming to PDS throughout 2016.” Both Freid and Leung have high aspirations for the upcoming issues, alluding to the talented staff, with Leung adding, “We are looking forward to working with the staff, and we aim for Volume 52 to be one of the most successful volumes in the past few years.”