Spring Break trip: London

“Life Along the Thames”: London, Leeds or Warwick Castle, the White Cliffs of Dover, and Canterbury Cathedral

Abbey Road (provided by Dr. Latham)

“Life Along the Thames” was a one-week spring break trip from March 10 through March 18 to London, England and through the English countryside. This trip, which aimed to provide interested students with a direct and fulfilling experience of the British literature, culture, and history learned in school, included eighteen students from grades 10-12. English Department Chair Karen Latham and English teacher Jamie McCulloch organized and served as experienced chaperones on the trip.

Highlights this year included a ride on the London Eye, the enormous Ferris wheel that places passengers high above the city; a football match featuring Fulham vs. the Blackburn Ravens (they cheered for Fulham); an incredible tour of Canterbury Cathedral; a photo opportunity on Abbey Road where they spied Ms. Shephard and Mr. Freedholm; a food frenzy in the Borough Market (Yum and Yum); afternoon tea in Notting Hill; street art and shopping in vintage markets in Shoreditch.