Whats Up With Council: Cycle 13

What’s Up With Council: Cycle 13

The ski trip did not get as many registrations as we wanted, so we are going to try and reschedule it. The Sadie Hawkins dance is still being planned, but we ran into some trouble. We need another faculty representative to supervise the entire operation, so we are busy looking for one! 

We are working on multiple proposals right now, but one proposal is currently being implemented in the form of a pilot program. The sophomore representatives have been working on an adult supervised schoology page for underclassmen where different sections of the same class all can share notes, quizlets, and worksheets. After meetings with the administration, we have set up a pilot program for one of the spanish classes so that the different sections of the same class can try sharing things. 

In addition, we are looking into getting menstruation products into our bathrooms. We have some stocked right now in the shepherd bathrooms, and we are using that as a test trial. We are hoping people will actually use them (and not throw them down the toilets), so the administration will help us fund them for the future, in both men and women’s bathrooms!

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